September 14, 2011

Egosoft Interview

  Here at TGB one of the most excit­ing things we get to do is talk to the peo­ple who actu­al­ly make the games we know and love.  Recent­ly we got the amaz­ing oppur­tu­ni­ty to sit down with Bernd Lehahn the direc­tor of Egosoft, devel­op­er of the X series.   Dur­ing our inter­view with Mr. Lehahn we were able to get some insights into why they make their games the way they do and we also got some excit­ing new details about their upcom­ing release X: Rebirth.  TGB: First I want to say thank you for tak­ing the time to talk with us at TGB.  We are very thank­ful for the time you are spend­ing with us today. TGB: The X series seems to be your pri­ma­ry title as a com­pa­ny.  What has inspired you to con­tin­ue devel­op­ment of the x uni­verse instead of expand­ingRead more…

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