April 13, 2010

Korea Imposes Online Curfew For Online Games

Korea has intro­duced a pair of poli­cies that will impose a cur­few on online games.  The cur­few has been put in place to help curb the ris­ing num­ber of online game addic­tions plaug­ing the nations youth.  The Korea Her­ald says “In what’s being tout­ed as the “night­time shut­down,” the Min­istry of Cul­ture, Sports and Tourism hopes the new mea­sures they have imple­ment­ed will help erad­i­cate video game addic­tion among teenagers.” Anoth­er inter­est­ing part of this pol­i­cy is the “Slow­down” sys­tem.  This sys­tem mon­i­tors how long the youth has been online.  If the youth pass­es a cer­tain time lim­it then their band­width is dras­ti­cal­ly changed.  In essence lag­ging their con­nec­tion con­sid­er­ably to help con­vince them to get offline and take a break. Gamers are cur­rent­ly being  giv­en three options for the six hour black-out peri­od –midnight‑6 a.m.,1–7 a.m., and 2–8 a.m.Read more…

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