Map Pack

October 14, 2010

Map Pack for Halo: Reach

Halo: Reach will get its first down­load­able con­tent on Novem­ber 30th. “Noble Pack”, as it’s being called, will con­tain 3 new maps and new achieve­ments worth 250 gamer­score points. Micr­soft gave a lit­tle insight to the upcom­ing maps. Tem­pest – “Though we may nev­er ful­ly under­stand these devices, it is not our nature to leave ancient stones unturned.” This aban­doned shore­line facil­i­ty bends both sea and sky to an unnat­ur­al pur­pose, but the ground itself has quick­ly become anoth­er all too famil­iar bat­tle­field. Though the two oppos­ing sym­met­ri­cal bases may nev­er reveal their ancient pur­pose, both now offer makeshift shel­ter and access to strate­gic routes per­fect­ly suit­ed for small and large scale skir­mish­es alike. Tem­pest sup­ports 8 – 16 play­ers and offers a vari­ety of modes includ­ing Free for All, Team Slay­er, Team Objec­tive and Big Team Bat­tle. Tem­pest alsoRead more…

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