Medal of Honor

August 17, 2011


Due to the rather strong sug­ges­tions from some of my friends on Xbox Live I decid­ed to purchse a copy Medal of Hon­or for the Xbox 360.  I had the title for maybe two weeks before I ran into this lit­tle gem of an error.  I should of expect­ed this com­ing from EA.  This error drove me insane for about 3 days before I final­ly found the solu­tion to it.  This error can be solved on any EA games that require you to play through the EA servers.  The fol­low­ing steps should help resolve your issue.  After each step launch Medal of Hon­or and try to login to mul­ti-play­er. 1.  Go to My Xbox -> Sys­tem Set­tings -> Mem­o­ry and press Y and press clear cache.  You can read the off­i­cal tuto­r­i­al here. 2.   Go to My Xbox -> Sys­tem Set­tingsRead more…

October 1, 2010

Come Mr. Taliban, tally me bananas.….

After tak­ing a lot of heat for the games con­tent, Medal of Hon­or has made a change. The new Medal of Hon­or will not have Tal­iban forces in it any­more. The whole ordeal start­ed when it was announced that you would be able to fight and play as Tal­iban forces. The U.S. Mil­i­tary then decid­ed to pull all Medal of Hon­or games off the shelves on all U.S bases. Then after a month of flack, Greg Goodrich (exec­u­tive pro­duc­er on the game) decid­ed to remove the Tal­iban from the game and rename them to “oppos­ing forces”.  Goodrich post­ed a state­ment on the Medal of Hon­or web­site about the issue: In the past few months, we have received feed­back from all over the world regard­ing the mul­ti­play­er por­tion of Medal of Hon­or. We’ve received notes from gamers, active mil­i­tary, and friendsRead more…

July 15, 2010

Medal of Honor Beta Review

So I got a chance to play the beta for Medal of Hon­or on PS3 last night and thought I would share my thoughts on it. First off as soon as you jump into a game the first thing you will notice (or at least I did) is the graph­ics and detail. Yes there are some graph­i­cal bugs, but keep in mind IT IS A BETA. It is a non-fin­ished prod­uct. With that aside the game is beau­ti­ful. I am will­ing to go out on a limb and say MOH maybe the best look­ing FPS to date. Every­thing is very smooth and its reac­tion to explo­sions and gun­fire are spot on. Now as you play, you get to choose from 3 base class­es. Oper­a­tor, Spec Ops, and a Sniper. Each class has a dif­fer­ent main weapon and sec­ondary weapon. When you changeRead more…

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