June 26, 2011

Subscriptions VS Microtransactions

  With advance­ments in gam­ing come new ways for the indus­try to get our mon­ey. How­ev­er with EA giv­ing way to the “online pass” codes trend we see gam­ing head­ing in a new direc­tion. Now we see free to play, pay to play, and all thats in between pop­ping up all over. Sub­scrip­tions — Ahh the famil­iar feel­ings. Pay for a month? Three months? A year? Two years? Hope­ful­ly this game lasts that long. Sub­scrip­tion based games rode the MMO wag­on to become a stan­dard for a lot of games and gam­ing ser­vices. I am sure the first guy to see a pay to play game said, “Ha! That will nev­er work.” Now that same guy does his best to scrape togeth­er enough mon­ey to get anoth­er month of WoW access like a crack­head get­ting his fix. Suc­cess in theRead more…

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