Mortal Kombat

April 17, 2011


Cel­e­brat­ing almost 20 years of spine rip­ping fatal­i­ties…. On April 19 the world will be treat­ed to the first true Mor­tal Kom­bat game of this gen­er­a­tion. (Yes I know MK vs. DC was on this gen but it doesn’t count) Vio­lent, bloody, and full of bone crunch­ing thrills; the new game, enti­tled Mor­tal Kom­bat, is a reimag­in­ing of the first three games of the series. The game play resem­bles those titles by going back to the 2‑D plain roots while retain­ing some of the move sets added when the game went 3‑D. The com­bat reminds me of the MK2; there is no run but­ton, there are com­bos but the com­bat does not rely heav­i­ly on them, and the tone is a hint of MK1 with no signs of dum­b­ass fin­ish­ers (Babal­i­ties, friend­ships, bru­tal­i­ties, and ani­mal­i­ties), just an epic, bru­tal tour­na­mentRead more…

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