May 10, 2010

Adventure Games: A Dying Breed?

Yes­ter­day I had the joy to sit down and play The Longest Jour­ney by fun­com games.  While the game is dat­ed and old by almost every stan­dard I find myself unable to step away form the game.  I start­ed the game ear­ly in the morn­ing and before I knew it the sun was set­ting.  Why would a game that’s over 10 years old with dat­ed graph­ics hold our atten­tion so much?  Adven­ture, sto­ry and amaz­ing voice act­ing all help con­tribute to the amaz­ing world which is “The Longest Jour­ney”.  This got me to think­ing how­ev­er, when was the last time the gam­ing world saw a good adven­ture game?  Are adven­ture games a thing of the past? The last time the world saw an adven­ture game of any impor­tance was Myst 5: End Of Ages.  Since then there has­n’t been a sin­gleRead more…

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