October 23, 2011

Are You Ready for Some Foot.…. Battlefield?

Ok so I’m sure some of you are get­ting sick by the total media blitz that has hit every type of video/data stream enter­ing your dwelling but you have to admit this game is going to be Epic to say the least. Now that there is less than 48 hours before launch and some last minute trail­ers have hit the You Tube! One is a fan made trail­er for “Bat­tle­field 4” and total­ly backed by Dice being that they put it up on their Face­book page and the sec­ond is a live action/CG trail­er also up on the Bat­tle­field Face­book page dar­ing you to choose whats real and whats mem­o­rex!     First is the “Bat­tle­field 4” made by Fred­diew hit the link to check out their You Tube page they have some real­ly well made video’s for your view­ingRead more…

July 16, 2011

Uncharted 3 Beta Stats

It came, it saw, it blew our minds. The Unchart­ed 3 beta has wrapped up and now we have to wait until Novem­ber to get to the fun again. Playsta­tion post­ed some num­bers on the beta say­ing it was the largest beta on the Playsta­tion net­work to date. Here’s some food for thought: ‑Total unique Beta play­ers: 1.53 mil­lion peo­ple ‑Total kills: 1.9 bil­lion ‑Total Cash col­lect­ed: 1.4 TRILLION dol­lars (that’s greater than the gross domes­tic prod­uct of Spain, the eleventh high­est GDP in the world!) ‑Total shots fired: 48 bil­lion ‑Total match­es com­plet­ed: 22 mil­lion ‑Total time played: More than 362 years worth of match­es Yea pret­ty insane it what I thought too.

July 14, 2011

One does not simply Tank Cat into the Emmy’s.….

We here at the TheGamers­Blog would like to con­grat­u­late our favorite show (at least for most of us) that just debuted a few short months ago for being nom­i­nat­ed for 13 Emmys, Game of Thrones. The series, based on George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” nov­els, pre­miered on HBO back in April and was quick­ly picked up for a sec­ond sea­son herald­ing to rave reviews and high rat­ings. Mak­ing sure to watch every episode, we would explode in dis­cus­sion over that week’s episode; it’s still the only rea­son out­side of some sport­ing events, that I keep my cable. The series had some great twist, a huge WTF moment, and a strong lead into its sec­ond sea­son. Peter Din­klage was nom­i­nat­ed for best sup­port­ing actor for his role of Tyri­on Lan­nis­ter. Unfor­tu­nate­ly Sean Bean was snubbed, a muchRead more…

July 14, 2011

For some reason stat tracking needs tested.….

If any­one signed up for the Call of Duty Elite beta, the first wave of emails are being sent out today for you to start test­ing their new stat track­ing ser­vice CoD: Elite. I real­ly didn’t know you need­ed to test a stat track­ing ser­vice; Bungie had no prob­lem imple­ment­ing the same ser­vice in 2007 with Halo 3. But for all you CoD fans out there you will need the email and your copy of Black Ops, fun­ny how they are test­ing a fea­ture in a Tre­yarch devel­oped game yet it will be imple­ment­ed into IW’s MW2.5 MW3. I do believe Activi­sion is the one imple­ment­ing this but I just find it fun­ny since Tre­yarch and Infin­i­ty Ward are just the best of pals (rolling sar­casm). If any­one dies get a chance to try this out let us know andRead more…

July 14, 2011

3DS Netflix goes live today.….

If you need a rea­son to dust off you 3DS and give it some love, Nin­ten­do has your anti-sta­t­ic cloth in hand. The Net­flix app that was dis­cussed at last year’s E3 went live today on the3DS’s E‑Shop. A bevy of con­tent will be avail­able as well as 3D movies that don’t require you to look like a hip­ster with those funky glass­es. The parental con­trols on Net­flix will work on the 3DS appli­ca­tion as well as the 3DS parental con­trols will keep your rug rats from expe­ri­enc­ing any­thing not age appro­pri­ate or from them wit­ness­ing the bevy of crap movies and shows avail­able on the ser­vice and scar­ing them for life (Glee needs destroyed!). I am one excit­ed to down­load this app. If I can have the 3D ver­sion of Tron Lega­cy avail­able to me on the portable IRead more…

July 13, 2011

Netflix Raising Prices

In an announce­ment that angered a great num­ber of peo­ple, Net­flix has announced that they will be redo­ing their pric­ing plans.  Cur­rent­ly users are able for $9.99 to get 1 DVD and unlim­it­ed stream­ing.  Net­flix, start­ing in Sep­tem­ber, will be sep­a­rat­ing the two ser­vices.  The new pric­ing scheme is such 1 DVD out for $7.99 or unlim­it­ed stream­ing for $7.99 or both for $15.98.  This state­ment led to out­rage because users were furi­ous with the fact that they had to pay more mon­ey.  Net­flix is also in the process of rene­go­ti­at­ing their stream­ing con­tracts and as such sev­er­al stu­dios have pulled their movies from Net­flix instant stream­ing. While I don’t like the price change I think peo­ple need to look a lit­tle deep­er into the price increase.  Most peo­ple think “I’m just steam­ing a mov­ing how much can it real­lyRead more…

July 12, 2011

EA Acquires PopCap for $750 Million

EA is buy­ing Pop­Cap games for $750 mil­lion dol­lars.  The pub­lish­ing giant is yet again pur­chas­ing anoth­er com­pa­ny to add to it’s line­up of devel­op­ers. Pop­Cap games is the devel­op­er of mas­sive­ly pop­u­lar games like Plants vs Zom­bies and Peg­gle. “EA and Pop­Cap are a com­pelling com­bi­na­tion,” said EA CEO John Ric­c­i­tiel­lo. “Pop­Cap’s great stu­dio tal­ent and pow­er­ful IP add to EA’s momen­tum and accel­er­ate our dri­ve towards a $1 bil­lion dig­i­tal busi­ness. EA’s glob­al stu­dio and pub­lish­ing net­work will help Pop­Cap rapid­ly expand their busi­ness to more dig­i­tal devices, more coun­tries, and more chan­nels.” “We picked EA because they have recast their cul­ture around mak­ing great dig­i­tal games,” said David Roberts, CEO of Pop­Cap. “By work­ing with EA, we’ll scale our games and ser­vices to deliv­er more social, mobile, casu­al fun to an even big­ger, glob­al audi­ence.” There haveRead more…

July 11, 2011

Digital Distribution… Competition Bad for Business?

A war is brew­ing on the inter­net for your mon­ey, sup­port, and loy­al­ty (no it’s not the PC vs Con­sole war that you see flames on a dai­ly basis) and the out­come could have dire con­se­quences for the gam­ing indus­try.  That war is the suprema­cy over Dig­i­tal Dis­tri­b­u­tion.  Cur­rent­ly there are sev­er­al key play­ers in the indus­try, Steam (Valve Soft­ware), Impulse Dri­ven (GameStop), Direct2Drive and GoG.  Steam is by far the most pop­u­lar and largest of the group by sev­er­al times how­ev­er sev­er­al com­pa­nies are look­ing into pro­vid­ing their own ser­vices instead of sell­ing them through a ven­dor and com­peti­tor like Steam. We often hear the phrase “com­pe­ti­tion is bet­ter for con­sumers” and in many cas­es this is true but in the case of Dig­i­tal Dis­tri­b­u­tion is this tru­ly the case?  Con­sid­er this, the major­i­ty of major title games can be hadRead more…

July 10, 2011

Games for Windows + Xbox = ?

  Games for Win­dows will merge with tomor­row July 11th mak­ing a sin­gle stop for con­sole, PC and mobile gam­ing no specifics have been released oth­er than the date of the merg­er con­firmed at and Here’s a link to the forums at to check up on the “heat­ed” debate on the merg­er. Check it out  here:     I think this is a sen­si­ble move to have one site for all gam­ing plat­forms. So what you think? Will this make a dif­fer­ence? Will it affect Steam in any­way?

July 9, 2011

Mass Effect 3 to be an Origin Exclusive

We now know that Mass Effect 3 will be an ori­gin exclu­sive on the PC along with The Old Repub­li­cand will not be avail­able on any of the oth­er DD plat­forms such as Steam, Direct2Drive and Impulse.  This will most like­ly be one in sev­er­al upcom­ing exclu­sives to the Ori­gin plat­form.  Oth­er title that are expect­ed to be Ori­gin exclu­sives are Bat­tle­field 3, Cry­sis 3 and any future AAA title releas­es that will come from EA.   Mass Effect 3 will of course be avail­able on PS3 and Xbox 360 for those of you who do not wish to play on the PC.  What do you PC  guys think about Mass Effect 3 being Ori­gin exclu­sive?  Will this be bad for busi­ness?  Good or bad?

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