April 22, 2011

Portal… My First Step Through

With the upcom­ing release of Por­tal 2 I real­ized that I had nev­er actu­al­ly sat down to play the orginal.  Sad I know, but regard­less, I’ve had Por­tal sit­ting in my ever expand­ing Steam queue for quite some­time and nev­er got around to play­ing it.  I’m not sure what had stopped me from delv­ing into it, per­haps it was the fact that I did­n’t quite under­stand what it was all about or per­haps there were to many oth­er games press­ing for my time.  Regard­less I final­ly told myself that I was going to play it after my friends at work were rav­ing about how awe­some the first one is and amaz­ing the sec­ond one was. For those of you who don’t know what por­tal is, much like I did­n’t before I played it, it is a puz­zle game.  If youRead more…

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