June 25, 2010

Steam Offering More Insane Deals

Right now Steam is run­ning it’s Inde­pen­dence day spe­cial.  You can get games from almost every pub­lish­ers at high­ly dis­count­ed rates.  Some of the games include Bioshock II $14.99, The Witch­er: Direc­tors Cut $6.99,  Counter-Strike:  Source $6.99 and many many oth­ers.  I’m glad to see that Steam is help­ing to fight against pira­cy by offer­ing so many great deals.  Steam is also offer­ing spe­cials on not only the games but pub­lish packs.  Right now you can get the THQ com­plete pack which includes all of the Dawn of War series, Com­pa­ny of Heros series, Stalk­er, Metro 2033, and sev­er­al oth­ers for only $50?  I have bought sev­er­al games already at these low prices.  Steam tends to hurt my bank book quite often.  I sus­pect that over the next few days that they are going to have even more amaz­ing spe­cials. Read more…

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