March 1, 2011

Crysis 2… A Sellouts Story… No DX11

This arti­cle is going to be a bit biased as I am a PC gamer at heart and I was dear­ly look­ing for­ward to Cry­sis 2.  Brag­ging to all my con­sole friends about how it was the flag­ship for PC gam­ing and that none stood next to it in terms of graph­ics.  Today was a mas­sive let down for me.  I first got the news that the Cry­sis 2 demo was final­ly out for PC and I went to go down­load it.  First thing I n0ticed when I start­ed the game was the tell tale sign of a port “Press Start to Begin” .  Gen­er­al­ly this means some­one was to lazy to remove text to say “Press any key to con­tin­ue”.   This is gen­er­al­ly a bad sign as the game has clear­ly been port­ed.  I decid­ed to go ahead and tryRead more…

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