December 7, 2011

Time Lapse Video: Skyrim on Ultra High settings for the PC

If there’s any­one left on this site who has­n’t made the pil­gra­m­age to Skyrim or has­n’t been able to make up your mind as to weath­er to buy it for the PC or a con­sole check out this time lapsed video of the world of Skyrim and it will make the deci­sion for you! On the PC this world looks amz­ing and I total­ly regret buy­ing it for my Xbox now that I’ve seen the full graph­ic pote­nial that this game has! This was a fan made video (If you can believe it) done by Tom Har­ris  and it is totaly worth a watch! check it out:

November 13, 2011

Skyrim DX11 Patch?

I’ve now been delv­ing into the won­der­ful world of Skyrim and have recent­ly began to won­der why DX11 was not ful­ly uti­lized on this game.  Skyrim has DX11 sup­port but does not take advan­tage of any of it’s visu­al ben­e­fits such as tes­sala­tion and for those of us with decent gam­ing rigs we are left won­der­ing where is our DX11 con­tent.  When ask if Skyrim would uti­lize DX11 Bethas­da said this “When it comes to Direc­tX 11 there are things they get us for free, like per­for­mance gains. You’re going to get per­for­mance gains out of it ver­sus an old­er ver­sion. But the specifics DX11 does, like tes­sel­la­tion and all that kin­da stuff, we aren’t tak­ing advan­tage of that right now. That doesn’t mean we won’t in the future. We aren’t right now because we want to author it so itRead more…

November 3, 2011

Holiday Must Haves

So Christ­mas is just around the cor­ner and a lot of great games are hit­ting the shelves to cash in on the shop­ping fren­zy. So I put togeth­er a list of games that are a MUST! These games are what make gam­ing great and fun. They are the games that will be on every­one’s let­ters to San­ta. I give you the Hol­i­day Must Haves: #10 Dead Island So Hal­loween is over but zom­bies are fun all year long. First per­son shoot­er mixed with RPG ele­ments makes for a lot of game­play. Also four char­ac­ters to choose from and co-op modes allow for dif­fer­ent playthroughs mak­ing Dead Island a good mix of fun and blood. #9 Gears of War 3 Gears of War helped launch Xbox in the ear­ly days and now the 3rd install­ment keeps us going. Great sto­ry andRead more…

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