space battles

July 2, 2011

Space Battles!

The title says it all, it’s a nerds wet dream, watch­ing mas­sive star­ships slug­ging it out.  It does­n’t mat­ter if there is a rea­son for it or if they are just there because they can be.  It’s excit­ing and enter­tain­ing and today we are going to take a look at some of the best games and movies to play and watch space bat­tles in and we are going to link you to all of the best space bat­tles videos that we can find in one spot.  While this does stray from our usu­al arti­cle style I think every­one here loves space bat­tles so I don’t think we will have any com­plaints! I am one of  ‘those’ indi­vid­u­als that could watch a 2 hour movie that con­sist­ed entire­ly of space­bat­tles and I would watch it over and over again.  I’ve actu­al­ly goneRead more…

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