the gadget show

October 25, 2011

The Ultimate Gaming FPS simulator or the 1st Holodeck!

This ulti­mate gamF­PS sim­u­la­tor was built by the crew at “The Gad­get Show” a tech show from Eng­land on Chan­nel 5. Armed with the E3 demo of Bat­tle­field 3 and about $650,000 they have made the clos­est thing to a holodeck I’ve ever seen! Using ambi­ent light­ing, a hacked Kinect con­troller, a floor that lets you sim­u­late walk­ing with­out mov­ing, some remote con­tolled paint­ball guns, and a 360 degree full room screen these guys have built some­thing insan­ly cool!   So, if you got that kin­da scratch lying around watch the video to learn how to build your own!   Source: Engad­get  

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