Two Worlds II

February 4, 2011

Two Worlds II Review

The Two Worlds uni­verse has been some what of a hot top­ic when it comes to RPG fans.  You either absolute­ly love the game or you absolute­ly hate it.  Many peo­ple com­pare it to the likes of Obliv­ion and some tout it as the Obliv­ion killer.  I’ve had Two Worlds II for almost a month now and I pur­pose­ful­ly wait­ed to do my review until now because I want­ed to see what the major game sites out there such as IGN, Gamespot, and so forth would say about it.  The orig­i­nal Two Worlds got a bad rap because of alot of bugs, poor graph­ics, etc.  Two Worlds II seems to be get­ting sim­i­lar flak from those game sites.  IGN giv­ing it a 6.0 and Gamespot a 7.5.  On a side note I’ve been under the impres­sion for years that mon­eyRead more…

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