June 6, 2011

E3 2011 — Ubisoft

Next on the list was Ubisoft­’s event. Before I start can I just say 1. just give us the info, you’re not fun­ny and 2. hire peo­ple who speak eng­lish or make them learn it bet­ter. I can’t under­stand half of what you just said about Track Mania…not that I cared but I digress…Here is what Ubisoft had to offer: Ray­man Ori­gins — This live demo showed some co-op and brought me back to the SNES and Sega days. It had a old school feel­ing with it’s well ani­mat­ed 2D side scrolling action. The game will sup­port a 4 play­er co-op. Dri­ver San Fan­cis­co — Noth­ing spe­cial unfor­tu­natley. Dri­ver will have a mul­ti­play­er fea­ture though. Far­cry 3 — This actu­al­ly looked decent. Got a lit­tle sneak peak of game­play and seemed to have a mix­ture of stealth and regualr capRead more…

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