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Uncharted 3

December 4, 2011

Uncharted 3: The Review

  As many of you already know I’m an avid PC gamer and there are very few games out­side of the PC sys­tem that I enjoy.  Unchart­ed is one of those fran­chis­es, one that I thor­ough­ly enjoy and when I heard that Unchart­ed 3 was com­ing to the PS3 I was very excit­ed.  As with all sequels today I’m always wary of a sell­out, under­de­vel­oped or oth­er­wise incom­plete release.  I’m hap­py to say that the Unchart­ed fran­chise has­n’t and still does not suf­fer from any of these calami­ties.  Out of all three I’d have to say this one is my favorite.  Gen­er­al­ly games don’t hold my inter­est for more then a few hours before I set them down and pick up some­thing but Unchart­ed 3 as with it’s pre­de­ces­sors held my inter­est from start to fin­ish and I even foundRead more…

July 16, 2011

Uncharted 3 Beta Stats

It came, it saw, it blew our minds. The Unchart­ed 3 beta has wrapped up and now we have to wait until Novem­ber to get to the fun again. Playsta­tion post­ed some num­bers on the beta say­ing it was the largest beta on the Playsta­tion net­work to date. Here’s some food for thought: ‑Total unique Beta play­ers: 1.53 mil­lion peo­ple ‑Total kills: 1.9 bil­lion ‑Total Cash col­lect­ed: 1.4 TRILLION dol­lars (that’s greater than the gross domes­tic prod­uct of Spain, the eleventh high­est GDP in the world!) ‑Total shots fired: 48 bil­lion ‑Total match­es com­plet­ed: 22 mil­lion ‑Total time played: More than 362 years worth of match­es Yea pret­ty insane it what I thought too.

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