June 20, 2010

Eve Online: The Most In Depth Online Universe Ever?

We have been play­ing EVE online for over two months now and the game just keeps get­ting bet­ter.  On the sur­face the games looks like your stan­dard sci-fi MMO fare.  How­ev­er, once you start to play the game you soon real­ize this could­n’t be fur­ther from the truth.  I should point out that eve is not meant for every­one.  Eve has many facets of play with­in in.  You can focus com­plete­ly on com­bat, con­struc­tion, econ­o­my, min­ing, plan­e­tary min­ing, research, etc.  There are so many things to do with­in the game. The thing that real­ly sets eve apart from the rest of the herd is how it pro­gress­es the play­er.  Most MMO style games have the grind for­mu­la.  The play­er has to kill a mouse 5000 times to increas­es his char­ac­ters lev­el so he can increase his char­ac­ters stats so heRead more…

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