June 27, 2011

Sound The Alarm

Hey guys I have a friend who also has a nerd site. His name is Adam and he does up the geek­ness over at http://stashow.net/. Sound The Alarm brings you news in gam­ing and oth­er fun things as well. They also do week­ly pod­casts chat­ting about any­thing going on in gam­ing, sports, or ran­dom stuff around the house. They just hit the 25th episode mark so gratz to them. So give them a check­ing out and tell them Ace­Of­Nades sent ya. Oh and be nice.

June 6, 2011

E3 2011 — Ubisoft

Next on the list was Ubisoft­’s event. Before I start can I just say 1. just give us the info, you’re not fun­ny and 2. hire peo­ple who speak eng­lish or make them learn it bet­ter. I can’t under­stand half of what you just said about Track Mania…not that I cared but I digress…Here is what Ubisoft had to offer: Ray­man Ori­gins — This live demo showed some co-op and brought me back to the SNES and Sega days. It had a old school feel­ing with it’s well ani­mat­ed 2D side scrolling action. The game will sup­port a 4 play­er co-op. Dri­ver San Fan­cis­co — Noth­ing spe­cial unfor­tu­natley. Dri­ver will have a mul­ti­play­er fea­ture though. Far­cry 3 — This actu­al­ly looked decent. Got a lit­tle sneak peak of game­play and seemed to have a mix­ture of stealth and regualr capRead more…

May 4, 2011

New Price Point for Wii

We have all noticed the Wii slip­ping in sales over the years and the whole motion con­trol gim­ick has been sur­passed by Xbox’s Kinect as well as Playsta­tions Move. To com­bat this Nin­ten­do announce a price drop. This will be the con­soles sec­ond price drop since its release in 2006. The first drop was from 249.99 to 199.99. Now the Wii will retail for 149.99. To add incen­tive to the offer the Wii will come with Mario Kart and the rac­ing wheel acces­so­ry. Also Nin­ten­do will release some 20 dol­lar games such as The Leg­end of Zel­da: Twi­light Princess, Ani­mal Cross­ing: City Folk, Mario Super Slug­gers and Wii Sports. Now this is all good and fine but rumor around the indus­try is that Nin­ten­do will unveil a new con­sole at E3 only a month a way. Will con­sumers real­ly wantRead more…

September 25, 2010

The Names Bond, James Bond

It appears bond is set to return in a remake of ever pop­u­lar Gold­en­eye 64.   This is great news indeed for those wait­ing for a new bond game and those wait­ing for a shoot­er for the WII.   The pletho­ra of James Bond games since Gold­en­eye 64 have been dis­ap­point­ing at best so one might won­der what one should expect for this WII exclu­sive release Unlike the it’s pre­de­ces­sor it will not be devel­oped by Rare and Nin­ten­do instead it is being devel­oped by a Euro­com and Activi­sion.  Hav­ing Activi­sion involved in the mix may scare some peo­ple but this should­n’t auto­mat­i­cal­ly dis­cred­it the game.  Activi­son and Euro­com can and do make good games.  It appears all the orig­i­nal weapons are set to return includ­ing the Klobb which has appar­ent­ly now been renamed as the Klebb and the game is sup­posed toRead more…

July 29, 2010

Jimmy Fallon sets Gaming Record

So as I always do when I am up late, I usu­al­ly leave the late night talk shows on TV while I am play­ing Eve Online, World of War­craft, or recent­ly Star­craft 2. How­ev­er on this evening Late Night with Jim­my Fal­lon caught my eye. Every so often Fal­lon does a bit on his show where he attempts to break or cre­ate world records. Usu­al­ly they are sil­ly and are ideas no one has thought of or attempt­ed before. Well as an offi­cial record, Jim­my Fal­lon has played the most dif­fer­ent gam­ing con­soles in 60 sec­onds. They rolled out a long table with 10 con­soles on them. They con­sist­ed of Nin­ten­do Enter­tain­ment Sys­tem (NES), Super Nin­teno, Sega Gen­e­sis, Nin­ten­do 64, Dream­cast, Playsta­tion, Playsta­tion 2,  Xbox, Playsta­tion 3, Wii, and Xbox 360. All con­soles were on and loaded with game clas­sics rang­ing from Leg­end ofRead more…

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